Thursday, 7 April 2011

Simple event for a huge goal

I have to admit that with the loads of study work to be done, attending my kids' needs sometimes become the second in priority. But at times, the guilt is just can't be tolerated... I have missed quite a number of events in which my kids participated.

On last thursday morning, I personally excused myself to give my fullest support to my boy, Hafiz who participated in a simple sporting event conducted by the Welsh Atheletic at UWIC Cyncoed Campus. His school. Adamsdown Primary School was one of the three schools in the Adamsdown area participated in the programme.
Hafiz competed for the 400 metres race
The programme have a great objective of raising awareness of higher education among the children. The kids were aspired by being shown off the facilities and environment of higher education through sport events. It was really fun for them... and the way it was conducted amazed me. Unlike back home, kids are normally pressured with lectures and so-called 'motivation' talks for this sort of 'noble' purpose... pressured with unnecessary expectations!

Talking about the sport event on the day itself was totally different with the way sport events are conducted back home. It was full of sporting spirit and fun. Participants (pupils) were not pressured for any trophies or medals...they were there to take part... fun and exercise!. The accompanying teachers repeatedly say the events were for educational purposes... Hafiz himself is not a sporty kid, I suppose. He joins the football club out of the interest to have fun in the after-class sessions with friends. He never switched on sport programmes at home... I reiterate never! He is more into 'nerd' TV programmes! Ask him about programmes on aircrafts, dinos, space, documentaries... name them, either he'd  done with it or he gonna stick himself to watch them! But he enjoys the sport activities at school.

So... when we arrived at the indoor arena, Hafiz was about to start with his 400 metres race! What??? He never run that far... I said to myself. I was a bit worried about him...but he did it and managed to be the fourth out of 8 pupils... and on top he was competing with the year 5 and 6 kids. He's just 8... so well done as he survived! He was very happy indeed with the performance did other kids, I gathered. Interestingly in other events like long jump, high jump...javelin.... the coaches demonstrated the games right before the events took was more like having routine exercises!  It sounded ridiculous but it did work here, at least for the event I attended. And... nothing seemed to be wrong! Hafiz surprised us in the high jump anyway!

Hafiz and friends were being coached for the high jump event

Despite what I have described above, kids were enjoying the events and trips to UWIC. At the end of the event, they were ranked not so much by the individual performance but overall performance of the school. It was so cool and no pressure... they were cheering up each other... there you go, medals for each participant. Every kid went back to their schools showing off to other pupils their medals of fun and exercise!!! And Hafiz wants to go to UWIC for his university time!!!

Medals for having the fun and exercise! 
Some people may have different opinion altogether about what I have written but I am always a believer of no pressure in learning if not necessary. Stressful approaches and rigidity in learning tend to hold back the learning interest of a kid. However, appropriate guide and support are very crucial for them. I know it is easy say than doing it... but we have to do it, otherwise who gonna change it.