Friday, 28 January 2011

Politics - a HAZY word yet ubiquitously used and craved for

Why I suddenly feel that politics is everywhere around us?

Back home in Malaysia, a small kampung in Johor, DUN Tenang is now suddenly overwhelmed with unexpexted guests and events. The people there will be casting their vote this weekend in a so-called by-election due to the death of its state assembly man in early January this year. Hope this by-election will be as serene as the name of its constituency, Tenang!

Malaysians, generally, are no longer foreign with by-elections as since the latest GE, there have been several by-elections in Malaysia. Although it is seen as reaping off the public funds as each by-election could cost as much as half a million (RM), both the politicians and the affected electorates would be 'looking forward' to have it. Just imagine... 'out of nowhere' constituent is talked about nationally, 'unexpected' top-guns flock in... every now and then, the constituency flashes in the media! Unjustified promises is everywhere!Quite happening, isn't it?

I would say, it is more like a political festival with happening events... and to a certain extent the relevant parties tend to forget their main objectives of having the by-election... simply to ELECT a right person to REPRESENT the constituency. The person must be ABLE to convey the messages of the electorates. It is just that... but why must by-elections be tainted with all the nonsense promises, corruptions and personal back fightings.

Generally, politicians from either parties would regard by-elections as an indicator for the on-going support for the parties and at the same time strengthen their existence within the constituency concerned, at least. This should be a bargaining platform for both the competing political parties and the electorates. The electorates should be at the very advantageous side as the focus of all parties are currently on them. But, does this happen in actual by-elections so far?

No doubt, politics is a hazy word. An obscure word. But literally it has a nobel meaning as the Wikipedia says: a process by which groups of people make collective decisions.

But why is that some people just crave to be in politics... crazy to be politicians?

Ops! Wikipedia further says, politics consist of 'social relations involving authority or power' and normally describes 'the bahaviour of civil servant'.

Indeed, the authority and power afforded to politicians nowadays motivate some people to get involve in politics, be they understand or not the basic and naive meaning of politics. They are supposed to represent us, discuss our welfare... safeguard us... thus making decisions that are of agreeable and beneficial to all of us, the public and electorates. You are NAIVE if you have that thinking! You are out of mind if you have that in your mind. It's far from their mind...

No doubt, politicians are dubbed as human beings who crave for authority and power. Believe it or not, they are around you and they have power over your life!!! Are they shrewd? Is it too harsh? No! They are designed to be powerful and authoritarian and we voted them to be in that system.

I used to have quite a significant interest in this area... I mean politics. It developed naturally, perhaps because of my upbringing. Power and authority... the struggle of my family because of the absence of power and authority still vivid... but I now rest the interest to my inspiring daughter who is pursuing political science. May she discern the nobel meaning of politics and pursue the meaning in the real life. Best wishes my dear!

Selamat mengundi DUN Tenang!

Two more coming... Pelabuhan Kelang and Merlimau!

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