Friday, 5 November 2010

Elder kids and Charity Week

'Mak, somebody asked me to coordinate a charity week at Cathays High',one day my eldest daughter prompted me with that statement. 'that's good for you, good exposure!' my husband intervened our coming-back school chatting. In most cases, I would be normally the first person to respond to the children's issues, but not this time. Back in my's a big event and she never had the experience to lead... as followers, she's good in that. Though, I consider her to be the most vocal and expressive as compared to the other three of my elder kids, even to us sometimes...

Indeed, it's going to be a good exposure for her and the other two as well. Furthermore, this is the first time their school is participating in such an event. So, more work need to be done by her and her team. Fortunately, there'll be some help and assistance from her seniors who had such kind of experience. On top of that Islamic Relief Cardiff is willing to provide some guidance and help as well. So, eventually, their collections will be going to orphans - a relief programme by the Islamic Relief.

There you are...this week is the Charity Week in their school. I wasn't that aware though my facebook has been flooded with messages of Charity Week in Cardiff University. I wasn't sure myself if it is a coincidence.They were very excited sharing their experience at school with us especially my eldest as she's the coordinator. So, it seemed that everything went well and the support from her friends and teachers are very encouraging. Nothing great, I would say in terms of the activities. Simply cake sales, fancy dress, legged walks, sponsored silence, sports and makeovers for the girls...but what I do admire most are their spirit and commitments, regardless of who they are. All activities are carried out during lunchtime only and few after school, which mean their normal school activities are not interrupted. And yet they managed to collect in total of £500++ for the week, which means £100 per day. On average, I would say every pupil and staff contributes at least 50p a day for the charity event. Well done!

And I believe this must be one of the most unforgettable memories during her time here. She simply enjoy doing it. Another big thumb up from me! Hope this will give her and the other two an opportunity to see the new perspective of life and be forever with all of you!

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